Manage Bulk Tank Inventories to INCREASE EFFICIENCY.

Inputs are the most important part of your operating budget, and closely managing consumption and inventories can mean the difference between red and black ink at the end of the year.

TankManager™, the liquid and propane bulk tank monitor, is the newest addition to the SureTrack FARM™ and SureTrack PRO™ management systems, and your solution to inventory accuracy and seamless operation.

TankManager allows a real-time view of the inventory levels on every bulk tank on your operation—if it’s a liquid or propane and you store it in a bulk tank, TankManager can monitor it. Customizable settings take the guesswork out of when to reorder by allowing you to input preferred suppliers, set inventory level alerts and manually or automatically order more product when needed. And installation is as easy as using the built-in magnet to position the monitor where you want it, plugging in the sensor and removing the magnet to allow data transmission.


Bulk tank inventories are easily accessible anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. The notification and alert feature of TankManager provides seamless continuity of your bulk tank stored liquids and propane.
Reclaim the time you allocate to checking bulk liquid and propane tank gauges by letting TankManager do the legwork for you. Conveniently access TankManager information through shortcuts located on the sidebar and Dashboard of your SureTrack FARM or SureTrack PRO account.

What does this mean? YOU CAN…

Laptop with SureTrack FARM and TankManager


Monitor your bulk tank information through your SureTrack FARM or SureTrack PRO subscription; the dashboard allows you to view liquid bulk tank inventories anytime, anywhere. A liquid monitor will take care of the diesel, gas, water and other stored liquid monitoring needs on your farm, while the propane monitor will ensure those storage tanks are monitored, as well. And because every system ships with both a monitoring box and gauge, both systems will work on any tank—new or old.

TankManager hardware

Set reporting frequencies to update you once a week or three times a week and configure warning and critical alarms for low or high tank levels. Both systems will also alert you when tanks are filled or drawn from, always keeping you up-to-date on the number of days until empty.

To enter your preferred provider information, simply add their details. Choose to have the system automatically notify your provider when preset levels are reached or manually send requests when you’re ready. It’s that easy.


Efficiently manage bulk tanks and never get caught without resources again!
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