We recently did a webinar to help showcase SureTrack PRO™ and the benefits to merchandisers, processors and grain buyers. The recording is available, just fill out the form to the right.

Source straight from the farm!

SureTrack PRO™ connects processors, merchandisers and grain buyers with quality grain direct from the farm. SureTrack PRO is your complete sourcing system to locate and contract quality grain matching your exact needs, monitor inventory and burn down rates, and schedule deliveries to ensure your plant is always up and running.

Partnering with AGI SureTrack (formerly IntelliFarms) and utilizing SureTrack PRO has made building grower networks easier than ever before. You now have the ability to connect digitally with your farmers and growers which reduces overhead and increases efficiencies.

SureTrack PRO: Sourcing Quality Grain Direct from the Farm (Recorded Webinar)

You will learn how to:

  • Locate quality grain with your specific protein, oil, and starch requirements
  • Contract directly with growers
  • Schedule deliveries straight from the farms
  • Monitor your inventory levels at all facilities
  • Easily create your own grower programs

SureTrack PRO connects processors and end users with the right farmers who have the right grains and who can deliver at the right times.