DRIVE VALUE AND PROFIT with the right hay program.

Hay is the most overlooked and neglected crop on the farm, but it’s often the most important. When hay is grown with a purpose it can help drive value and profit either by providing critical nutrients as feed or selling into specialty markets.

The Hay Extender Program allows you to improve yield, nutritional value and shelf life of your hay. There are two programs to choose from: Backgrounding and Finishing. Each one designed to provide the exact nutrients needed to maximize growth and production of livestock.

The Hay Extender Program is also available to help turn your hay crop into potential profit by producing quality, nutrition-packed bales demanded by specialty markets.


Applying the program at the best times is critical for success, that’s why FieldDataManager is a must. Sell into specialty markets when you have nutrient-rich hay that has been grown for a purpose.
The Backgrounding program provides key nutrients for livestock as they wean, breed back and produce milk. The Finishing program provides a solid diet of fat and protein designed specifically to add weight.

What does this mean? YOU CAN…


Improve weaning rates.
If a calf is fed a nutrient-rich hay during weaning it can reduce the abnormal behaviors such as: pacing, bellowing and even weight loss; it can even reduce the amount of time it takes to fully wean.

Improve breed back rates.
It's important that your cows breed more than once; key nutrients help provide the energy and nutrition to breed back quicker and more often.

Boost finishing gains.
By increasing the Average Daily Gain (ADG) a farm can get cattle up to weight faster, therefore reducing the amount of time and resources needed to spend on each animal and improving their profit.

Increase market opportunities.
Take your nutrient-rich hay fed cattle to market and see how you can increase your profits, just by feeding quality hay. You will capture higher bids and actually reduce feed costs.

Transition fields to organic.
Hay is a great crop for fields transitioning to organic. With the right program, hay can pull impurities out of the soil leaving key nutrients necessary for the ground to be certified organic.


Drive revenue for your farm by utilizing your hay fields to grow nutrient-rich hay.
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