The Battle Has Begun!

This year IntelliFarms is on a mission to showcase the quality characteristics of different seed and grain. We are working to help farmers understand that it's not all about yield anymore. There are markets with buyers who are more interested in buying grain based on the contents rather than the quantity.

That's where the Battle of the Seed comes in! We want to help you market your grain or seed based on its contents, to do that you must know what you have. We are recognizing the top producing seed and grains in the categories of oil, protein and starch.

Testing will be done throughout the year in the IntelliFarms Grain Lab. Awards will be presented to the top producing farmers, growers and seed companies for each commodity with the highest oil, highest protein and highest starch contents. Winning comes $20,000 to use towards IntelliFarms products!

We will be showcasing Battle of the Seed at conferences throughout the year, you can enter at any of those or send in grain samples directly to the Grain Lab for testing. 

Join the battle today!

Click for details on how to enter, along with rules and regulations.

Battle of the Seed Winners

IPSA Conference, January 8-10, 2019

  • Corn - Highest Starch:
    Beck's Hybrids
  • Soybeans - Highest Protein/Oil:
    D.F. Seeds, Inc.
  • Sorghum - Highest Protein/Starch:
    Taylor Seed Farms
  • Wheat - Highest Protein:
    Lewis Hybrids

Soil Health U, January 23-24, 2019

  • Soybeans - Highest Protein/Oil Combo
    Natural Ag Solutions
  • Corn - Highest Starch
    Shane Mann, Quinter, KS
  • Wheat - Highest Protein
    Kellan Ziegelmeier, Colby, KS

Wisconsin Corn/Soy Expo, January 30 - February 1, 2019

  • Soybeans - Highest Protein
    Andy Bensend, WI
  • Corn - Highest Starch
    John Bertram, WI
  • Corn - Highest Oil
    Mark Bertram, WI

More winners to come! Stay tuned... it could be you!