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AGI SureTrack - Feeding the Hungry

08 Jan 2020
by AGI SureTrack Team

AGI SureTrack - Feeding the Hungry


AGI SureTrack employees Tommy Drumm and Simon Phillips were honored to serve the citizens of Roseville, California, by volunteering their time to help with the annual Christmas Food Basket Program. The program, spearheaded by the Roseville Lions Club, works in conjunction with many other service organizations to deliver food baskets each holiday season.

“It is really a special thing to be a part of,” says SureTrack FARM Western Sales Manager, Tommy Drumm, “For the past few years, Simon Phillips, our lead installer on the West Coast, and I have helped by packing baskets and coordinating the drivers for delivery.”
Requests for a Christmas Food Basket may be made online through the Roseville Lions Club website. The request forms are also sent home in the backpacks of all students in the local school districts, and families can anonymously apply.

A great resource to the community, especially during the holiday season, volunteers also boxed and delivered an extra 1000 meals last December to the victims of the Paradise fire.

The program coordinates both boxed and canned food as well as fresh local produce from surrounding farms to provide a variety of healthy options in each basket.

“We gather in foodstuffs donated through businesses, and local farms donate extra produce—all of the food comes from the community for the community,” Drumm shares.