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What Can Grain Storage Management Do For You?

02 Jul 2019
by IntelliFarms Team

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What Can Grain Storage Management Do For You?

Grain Storage Management | IntelliFarms

As harvest draws closer, it’s the perfect time to talk about on-farm storage and how proper grain storage management will lead to increased profit potential. With on-farm storage you can hold grain to capture carry, improve grain quality before selling, cut and store on your own timeline, reduce additional storage costs and much more.

However, on-farm storage isn’t just a ‘set it and forget it’ type of system. It’s important to continuously monitor and report what’s going on in the bin. You don’t want hotspots, mold or bugs to eat into your potential profit!

Fans and heaters are often added to bins to help dry and condition grain properly. However, you can quickly waste time and money running when conditions aren’t optimal. Adding automation to your bins allows runtime decisions to be made using real-time data and removes the need to be at the bin site to power on/off fans and heaters. Automation allows you to effectively dry, heat or even re-hydrate grain to peak condition until you are ready to sell.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of running BinManagerⓇ, the industry-leading grain management system.

Maximize Profits. Proper grain storage management helps maximize profits in several ways - capture carry, achieve moisture targets, preserve quality characteristics and much more. In order to capture carry you must be able to store your grain in peak condition until you’re ready to sell. It’s important to properly condition your grain to your exact moisture targets, that will allow you to capture premiums at the time of sale. There are also buyers who are looking for quality characteristics, such as high protein, low oil or maybe high starch, depending on their purpose. Properly conditioning your grain allows you to preserve quality and sell into new markets and capture top dollar pricing and premiums.

Improve Efficiencies. Automating fans and heaters allows you to reduce runtimes and cut energy bills. Proactive grain management occurs with continuous monitoring of temperature and moisture with every sensor on every cable for a comprehensive look at the grain in your bins.

Increase Bin Safety. Grain-filled bins become zero-entry when you have a comprehensive grain management system that keeps you up-to-date on what’s happening in the bin. There’s no need to manually probe grain or climb bins for any reason, the system captures the data and reports it directly to you.

Gain Peace of Mind. With your bin data at your fingertips, you never have to wonder or worry about the condition of your grain again. If the system recognizes a problem, you are notified immediately by text and email allowing you to react quickly.

Proper grain storage management is key to ensuring quality, safety and efficiency. Why wouldn’t you protect your investment that you worked so hard to create? And now it makes even more sense with the new program from AGI and IntelliFarms - no money down, no payments until December and an extended warranty! IntelliFarms is here to help you bring increased value and profit back to your farm. Interested in learning more? Click here.