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Trending Topic: Breaking Down Digesters

02 Oct 2018
by IntelliFarms Team

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Trending Topic: Breaking Down Digesters

IntelliFarms | Trending Topics: Breaking Down Digesters

What is a digester program?
A digester program is a combination of select nutrients applied to a field after harvest; designed to accelerate the breakdown of the biomass left in the field, returning key nutrients and microbial species back to the soil for use with the next crop.

What does a digester program do?
A digester program helps improve soil health by introducing a targeted blend of nutrients and microbial species. The makeup of the digester is based on balancing the need to increase the biological activity within the soil profile along with the beneficial facultative anaerobes that are highly efficient at reducing biomass to humus and plant available nutrients.

In short, a digester program improves the health and efficiency of the soil by breaking down materials left after harvest which releases critical nutrients and microbial species back into the soil in a stable form that will be available through planting the next crop.

When should a digester be applied?
Our recommendation is to apply the IntelliFarms Digester Program after the harvest of any crop or at any time there is a build up of digestible material on any area of agriculture production. Apply immediately after harvest or up to 60 days after harvest. Best practice is to apply before tillage operations and it’s recommended to be applied for up to two weeks prior to any type of tillage. However, it is okay to apply after tillage or just before tillage; results may vary.

How do you apply the digester?
The IntelliFarms’ digester is easily applied by sprayers and irrigation systems; it can be tank-mixed with most applications including pesticides and fertility products.

What are the benefits of a digester program?
Digesters are designed to replenish key nutrients and microbial species back into the soil. If applied properly and with the right biologicals, a digester will typically help reduce the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium needed to maximize crop potential and crop growth. Additional inputs, such as water, could be reduced as well due to the increased efficiency and holding capacity of the soil.

How often can you apply a digester?
Continued use of IntelliFarms' digester program will only improve the condition of the soil to grow more crops and increase the quality of those crops. This program helps balance the microbial population and store plant available nutrients, which creates the best environment for agriculture of all types. This program works by reducing thatch in hay and turf and breaking down residual chemical build up to improve soil conditions.

Who should be using a digester?
Anyone wanting to improve soil health with a build up of digestible materials on any area of agriculture production should be applying a digester. Digesters are good for all crops.

What makes the IntelliFarms Digester Program the best?
The IntelliFarms Digester Program applies the chemistry and biology of the soil to your specific field data leaving your soil replenished with the nutrients and microbial species it needs to improve crop consistency and crop potential. A key differentiator of this digester program is FieldDataManager, it gathers and records field specific data straight from your soil. The data captured during the digester program will be used to guide field activities during your next crop cycle, helping you maximize resources and achieve crop goals.

What is included in the IntelliFarms Digester Program?

  • IntelliFarms’ Biologicals
  • Agronomy recommendations by crop and maturity zone
  • FieldDataManager* with Energy Curves
  • SureTrack FARM subscription

*Additional equipment is required.

How do you get started?
Call your IntelliFarms District Sales Manager at 855-206-5612 or click here to find your sales representative.