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Solutions to help comply with state restrictions

20 Jul 2017
by Addison Boatwright

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Solutions to help comply with state restrictions


 Last Thursday Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn canceled the stop order on the statewide sale, use or removal order for agriculture products containing Dicamba. Following similar rules announced in Tennessee, the Department approved a "special local need" label for each herbicide, which includes special provisions and safeguards for the use of this technology.

In an effort to reduce off-target crop injury, a set of restrictions must be followed to apply the herbicides. Restrictions include: 

  • Wind speed
  • Application Timing
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Certified Applicator
  • Dicamba Notice of Application Form

One of the most accurate ways to represent and record this type of information at each field for every application is with IntelliFarms' FieldDataManager. Designed to take the guesswork out of in-field crop management, the tool provides real-time data of field and weather conditions: wind speed, rainfall, UV radiation, soil moisture, and soil temperature among other field-level variables.

With a FieldDataManager installed in a field, readings are taken every 10 minutes and recorded onto the user's online SureTrack account. The user can add in an event, such as applying one of the regulated herbicides, to their SureTrack account to record the date, time, location and event type, which will remain accessible for as long as the account is active.

With regulations in place, only those with accurate data will have the ability to prove their operations are in accordance with the law. The ability to track and record data points in individual fields at specific times also gives the licensed applicator the ability to accurately represent field conditions at the time of application, and have verifiable data to support them.

Learn more about FieldDataManager and how it can help you make informed decisions throughout the year. In addition to helping you determine when to spray, it can help you schedule the best planting times, optimal harvesting times and when to run irrigation pivots.