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The Right Seed Makes All the Difference

03 Oct 2018
by IntelliFarms Team

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The Right Seed Makes All the Difference

IntelliFarms | The Right Seed Makes All the Difference | YieldFax

Every year you select the seed that will fill your fields and drive the revenue of your farm. What if you knew the best seed for your soil type, the best seed to achieve the highest oil content or the best seed for overall yield? The right seed impacts the value and profit of your farm each year. YieldFax makes seed selection easy and reliable because it’s real results from real farms and real test plots.

YieldFax is the industry’s largest collection of field trial data with search capabilities to help you tailor your results based on your needs, location and your farm goals. With over 1.5 million field trials included, you can be confident you are receiving unbiased data and selecting a seed that will work in your location and for your purpose.

Watch as Todd Sears, President and CEO of IntelliFarms, showcases YieldFax. He demonstrates how to easily search the field trial data to find the best seed to achieve your goals. Todd will discuss the difference of growing for yield and growing for purpose and how to best select seed for both.

Seed selection is the first step in the success of your next crops, make sure you start with the data to help you make the best selection. YieldFax is part of SureTrack FARM™ which gives you the ability to increase value and profit at each stage of the farming cycle, from seed selection to improved crop growth to grain storage management to new market opportunities.

Interested in SureTrack FARM? Click here to watch the full SureTrack FARM webinar to see how it can help you can increase profits.