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The dirt on what your soil is telling you about your fields

24 May 2017
by Samantha Scantlebury

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The dirt on what your soil is telling you about your fields


remember being told that in the next 25 years, we'll actually learn more about what's in between our ears than what's out in space. Similar to the exploration that's being done to understand the inner workings of our brains and how it affects our behaviors, in recent years in ag, many are pushing hard to understand the inner workings of the soil and how it affects crop performance. 

Some of this quest for understanding comes in the form of the biological soil ecosystem and how microorganisms can affect and benefit the plant (we've worked with a few great companies taking this approach!). As a data company, the way that we dig up soil insights and put them to work for farms is through our FieldDataManager soil probe network.

The probes measure and relay temperature and moisture data up to 24" into the soil. Our customers see this data graphically on their online account, and it helps them understand a great number of things, such as:

  1. What parts of my fields are experiencing water stress?
  2. What areas should I be focusing on most for irrigation and how intensively?
  3. Do the soil temperature or saturation conditions indicate that there may be potential for disease or yield lag?

Soil probes can't go in and necessarily fix the problem at that point. However, they empower the farmer with the data needed to make decisions that can. 

I encourage you to download a quick information sheet that has more detail on the types of insights that soil probes can deliver through temperature and moisture data, and the financial impact those insights can have on your farm. 

Download info sheet soil probe insights

The soil probe network has always been a special project for us at IntelliFarms because of the bigger purpose and need it serves. We work with a great number of farms that utilize irrigation, and as we all know, pivot irrigation consumes a massive amount of our nation's available water. So much so, that increasingly governments are beginning to restrict or shut off supplies for irrigation. 

But what if we could proactively help them (and ultimately our world) by limiting irrigation to only what's required? With tools like soil probes, now farms have the ability to see a full picture of your field and understand what areas are in need of irrigation attention and to what extent. Research has shown that utilizing soil moisture data to help make pivot decisions can save up to 7 millions of water per 127-acre pivot per year! Multiply that by all the irrigated acres out there, and the water savings are incredible!

We believe soil data can empower farms to make more efficient and ultimately profitable decisions when it comes to managing their fields, and our goal is that this efficiency positively impacts our world. 

If you would like to learn more about IntelliFarms' award-winning soil probe network, part of the FieldDataManager system, please contact our team at any time. We'd be happy to discuss how the network can be customized to your fields' topography and needs.