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The “Battle” to Find New Markets

06 Mar 2019
by IntelliFarms Team

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The “Battle” to Find New Markets

Battle of the Seed | IntelliFarms

There is power and profit in knowing the quality characteristics of your grain; and even more power and profit in knowing the markets that you can sell into with that grain.

This year, IntelliFarms began the Battle of the Seed to help farmers understand the benefits of growing for a purpose. The industry is no longer just about yield, it’s about the quality contents such as protein, oil and starch. Through SureTrack FARM™ and SureTrack PRO™ we are connecting farmers and growers with new market opportunities that they haven’t previously had access to.

Before we dive into the Battle of the Seed, let’s talk about growing for a purpose real quick. Farmers are now planning their crops with the end in mind. SureTrack FARM is helping them find the available markets they want to sell into so they can plan for the outcome they want. The first step is to select the right seed for their purpose. Maybe their purpose is selling into the beer industry, so they need a low protein wheat. Fun fact: Breweries like using low protein wheat because it reduces the head on beer. Next, it’s time to plant. Once the seeds are in the ground they must monitor and apply nutrients at the right time to maximize crop potential; all decisions along the way are based on the purpose they have already selected.

When it’s time to harvest, the grain must be stored properly. The key to storage when you grow for a purpose is to store it based on the quality characteristics such as, high oil corn or low protein wheat for example. Separating the grain into different bins based on quality characteristics allows the farmer to capture premiums offered by the buyers because it only contains the quality characteristics they want and they are willing to pay a little extra for it. Along with separating the grain, it’s important to condition the grain as it is stored so it is in peak condition when it’s time to sell or deliver. BinManager is the only system that is proven to achieve target moisture levels, AND preserve protein, oil and starch contents. The farmer now has quality, uncontaminated grain that grain buyers are willing to pay top dollar prices and premiums for.

Now how does all that tie in with the Battle of the Seed? The Battle of the Seed is recognizing top producing farmers, growers and seed companies for each commodity with the highest oil, highest protein and highest starch contents. It helping to showcase new markets that may not have been an option before, it’s showing farmers that you don’t have to sell where you have always sold - there are new market opportunities out there if you know what you have.

Winners of the Battle of the Seed receive $20,000 to use towards IntelliFarms’ products and services. Grain testing is done throughout the year in the IntelliFarms Grain Lab. You will also find us testing grain throughout the year at events and conferences. There is plenty of time to get your grain submitted. Join the battle today and see how your grain stacks up, visit BattleOfTheSeed.com for all the details.