30 Mar 2016
by Todd Sears

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You can’t start much smaller than we did at IntelliFarms - two people! When our Chief Technology Officer, Don Schaefer, and I got together, though, we were already thinking about our next steps. And that thinking eventually became our own design and manufacturing facility in Archie, MO.

Always looking to take the next step is also one reason why Inc. Magazine has recognized IntelliFarms as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies two years in a row. I believe this isn’t simply an outgrowth of our focus on technology, where change is constant, but due to our focus on harnessing the power of technology to empower and educate farmers.

How often do you see new products or innovations spring up that seemingly control the market, or even intimidate users? These products may be the latest technology, but they’re also trying to convince you that they’re the last technology you’ll ever need. Is that ever going to be true? Of course not!

To be successful, you have to keep looking to take the next step. I believe that’s true in business, and I also want that for our customers. Our newest product, the SureTrack™ System, was introduced to the market during our Tech Summit last Wednesday in Kansas City. SureTrack is a powerful tool that will allow farmers and processors to take a big steps together towards big profits.

Why SureTrack?

When you’re taking that next step forward, you are guided by your beliefs and your mission. At IntelliFarms, we develop meaningful technology-based solutions for needs from seed to market. For our products, what’s most important is that we listen to and design for the needs of the marketplace, and remain focused on bringing profit and value to the farm.

Those guiding principles are behind SureTrack. With our suite of industry-leading hardware and software, specifically FieldDataManager for field management and yield improvement, BinManager for proper storage and moisture control, and our all-in-one IntelliFarms Portal for other seed and market insights, we already offer capabilities in data and technology unmatched in the industry.

So what does SureTrack add? We believe that the next step in ag is for growers and processors to interact together with data to increase profits, create competitive advantages and raise both the safety and quality of the product ending up on consumers’ plates. SureTrack accomplishes this by using easy interfaces and secured connection points to form a line of open communication between growers and producers, as grain is grown, stored and marketed. Processors have the oversight they need to ensure uniformity and quality of the product, evaluate inventory and fill supply gaps. For farmers, SureTrack gives them a competitive advantage in product quality and quantity and production transparency, and it also opens up new market opportunities.

Keep moving forward

These are challenging times in ag, and technology is being used by some companies as a tempting one-size-fits-all solution to more profits. The truth, of course, is that processors and farmers need to find the right tools and the right data for their individual needs.

And they need to keep looking to take the next step towards a strong financial future, working together. That’s the type of partnership we’re always looking to build here at IntelliFarms. I’m confident SureTrack is a solid step into a brighter future.