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SureTrack: Innovative ag platform connecting producers and buyers

08 Nov 2016
by Todd Sears


SureTrack: Innovative ag platform connecting producers and buyers

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e’re all feeling the effects of lower grain prices and the tougher climate it creates in the industry. The worldwide need for quality corn, soybeans, and other crops has never been higher, yet low prices are making it more and more difficult to turn a profit.

Of course there’s plenty of advice out there on how to survive in this tough market, but there’s one area I think is -- unfortunately -- overlooked: relationship advice. Certain relationships are very important for a farmer -- seed or pesticide salesperson, implement dealer, friends and neighbors, etc. -- but we believe that building relationships with processors and merchandisers is key. It’s how you are ultimately getting paid for your work.

That's why IntelliFarms is ventured into the relationship advice business...with the SureTrack platform.

The SureTrack platform is basically a set of easy interfaces and secured connection points that form open communication between growers and producers as grain is grown, stored and marketed. Because farmers have different market needs than processors and buyers, IntelliFarms has created individualized tools for each -- SureTrack Farm for farmers and SureTrack Pro for processors and buyers.

Finding the right partner for farmers

IntelliFarms strongly believes that technology shouldn’t intimidate farmers or place new limits on how to manage an operation. And it isn't limited to a specific part of the growing season -- technology can boost profits from seed selection to storage and sale of grain. With IntelliFarms' tools like our weather station and soil moisture probe system, FieldDataManager, and our automated grain bin management system, BinManager, growers can have information throughout the growth cycle and during storage. Our SureTrack Farm platform gives farms the ability to share that information with potential partners like a processor looking for their product. This is, of course, very secure and can only be done if the farmer grants the partner access to view (not manage) the data. We believe that for farms, your data is your data first and foremost.

With SureTrackFarm, growers have a new marketplace where they can shape their planting, growing, harvesting and storage to the real-time needs of buying partners. Farms and buying partners can make sure that they are working toward the quality and premium standards that they need.

SureTrack helps farms take the guesswork out of going to market with grain. And it provides opportunity for growers to get top value and premiums for their product.

A profitable relationship for processors and buyers

The other half of the platform, SureTrack Pro, allows processors to be granted permissions to see certain areas of growers' SureTrack Farm accounts and get a composite picture of their grain supply operation status. This is in no way a “one-size-fits-all” tool --- SureTrack Pro capabilities are tailored for an individual company's needs. If those needs change, the solutions change as well.

In addition to getting both a detailed and overarching picture of their operation, buyers are able to utilize some unique tools within their account. For instance, they can provide information on their grain needs and supply gaps using the MarketManager tool. Growers can then share data and information about their grain (as early as when they select their seed) from their SureTrack Farm account. Together, the two can coordinate and manage quality/quantity throughout the growing and storage cycle, up to the point of delivery.

A match made in the cloud for farmers and grain buyers

In our mind, SureTrack is as close as you can get to a match made in heaven. I guess if you want to get technical, it’s a match made in the cloud. The two platforms (Farm and Pro) have the ability to interact and share data seamlessly. And because both sides - farmers and processors - control the information they input and who has access to view the data, data ownership is secure. Each farmer has the power to grant access and, just as important, the power to revoke that access.

We believe the next step in ag is for growers and processors to interact together with data to increase profits, create competitive advantages and raise both the safety and quality of the food ending up on consumers’ plates. And we think we’ve stepped up to the plate to address that challenge with SureTrack

One last thing: SureTrack is best experienced by seeing how it works in person. If you are a grower interested in what your SureTrack Farm account could look like, or a processor and/or buyer interested in learning about SureTrack Pro - contact us at any time. We can demonstrate the product over a call/webex and allow you to discover opportunities and value that SureTrack may offer you.