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On the track to profitability: Updates to SureTrack Farm Platform

01 Jun 2017
by Todd Sears

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On the track to profitability: Updates to SureTrack Farm Platform

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As many who work with us know (and have heard us say before), we're not a company that sits still for too long. Not only do we feel it is our responsibility to keep improving on our products in order to keep bringing greater value to our customers, but we also keep pushing forward because ag keeps pushing forward, too. Our farm customers wake up every day with new challenges on the horizon, and we feel we have opportunity to help them meet those challenges. 

It is for this latter reason that we started on our SureTrack journey. We've always been a company who has cared about grain quality and preserving that quality when a grain is being stored - that's the primary benefit of BinManager. Our focus on storage will never end, but over time, it has been supplemented by bringing in tools and technologies that also helps farms grow, store and sell quality grain. Storage is one important stop on this track of quality grain production, and today, with YieldFax for seed selection, FieldDataManager for field management, BinManager and other storage solutions for storage management, and CashBidManager and MarketManager for marketing decisions, our customers now have a full toolbelt when it comes to managing their grain's quality and profitability from seed to market. 

All of these tools have been available on the SureTrack Farm platform, which as of today, has received a facelift. For the most part, you'll find the platform has a lot of the same functionality as what you'd see if you logged in yesterday or even a few months ago - you can get to your BinManager or FieldDataManager account as easily as before. But with new colors, a cleaner design and more intuitive navigation and features, all the tools now are easier to read and use. 

Plus, we've added a few new features, including the "IntelliFeed" - our name for an Activity Feed on the right side of the page. Here, you'll get a quick summary of important alerts about your bins, or any weather alerts from your FieldDataManager. It will also notify you if your subscription or data services plan is expiring soon or let you know if there is an upcoming workshop in your area. We encourage our customers to pay attention to this cool new feature. 

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And one new feature that is incredibly powerful, but starts out hidden until you've been given an orientation, is a new "Timeline" feature. With this feature, you can create a "timeline" for each commodity variety you are growing, and know at any point in time what the profitability of your crop is, as it pulls from acreage data and bin inventory data on your farm and ties to local prices. You can get sophisticated with the tool in order to compare outcomes if you planted an alternate variety or explored a different market. The SureTrack "timeline" illustrates our SureTrack approach - each piece is connected to the next and all are important in the grain's quality and profitability journey from start to finish. Over the next few months, our Customer Service Representative team will be providing orientations on the Timeline feature so you can get up and running and be able to use them as a tool that helps you get current (up-to-the-minute) information on your crop and help you make decisions now that affect your outcome at the end of the year. 

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We're very excited about some of these new changes at IntelliFarms and on our SureTrack Farm Platform. At the base level, the new platform will make it easier to use our tools. From there, we challenge our customers, as you become more familiar with the Platform, to take advantage of some of the new tools and features that can give you some new options and opportunities. We'll be hosting training webinars every Friday for the next few weeks, starting tomorrow. Please sign up today to learn more

If you have questions, comments or thoughts, please let us know. I always personally review them, and we take them into consideration as we look to how we can continue to improve our products and help bring value and profit back to the farm. 

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