07 Jan 2016
by Todd Sears

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Now that the ground is cold, the conference and expo season really heats up. This is a time of transition in the agriculture industry, which makes these annual trade and industry meetings -- both large and small, and including national, regional, and local -- even more important.

On the national and large spectrum, the American Seed Trade Association’s CSS 2015 & Seed Expo was last month. I’m proud to say IntelliFarms had another great trip to Chicago for this annual event. There were over 2,800 participants at this year’s conference, and we received a tremendous response to our customized approach to working with the seed industry. We’re excited to head to the Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA) annual conference next week and continue conversations.

Customer Customization

One thing we heard over and over again: seed companies are looking for a customized approach, especially when it comes to storage. A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for either today’s challenges or the challenges five or ten years down the road.

In particular, we kept hearing about challenges that are unique in their combinations. Some were talking about assistance with food safety and inventory management. Others shared the worry about food safety and also wanted access to technology that could help them more efficiently manage their application and irrigation decisions using their own field data.

The first step to facing these challenges, I believe, will be successfully managing all of the available information. That was the starting point for our conversations in ASTA and is our focus throughout the year, guided by three principles:

  1. Confidentiality - we store and secure your data, but it is yours alone to manage your operation and maximize grower relationships
  2. Customization - solutions are developed in partnership to set seed companies and their growers up for success
  3. Integrity - we strive to deliver the quality of service and support that makes both organizations successful.

IntelliFarms Solutions

Our focus at ASTA was how the suite of products offered by IntelliFarms can maximize exposure and lead generation, provide valuable performance data for growers and the seed company, and better manage inventory quality and condition. We are now referring to this strategic package of offerings as our SureTrack System.

By partnering across much of the production process, from planting to irrigation to harvest to storage, we can both increase performance and ensure protection of the seed germ. And by using your data and information (in an incredibly secure manner), we can model solutions specific to individual needs and conditions. Of course, nothing is more important than the germ.  We work to create optimal conditions particularly in the bin to ensure the germ is protected and maximized in storage.

I was thrilled with the response we received at ASTA, but more importantly I was excited to hear so many producers focused on customization and using data to ensure success, which we are able to facilitate through our new SureTrack System.

I will be at the IPSA annual conference next week (1/11-1/13), and am setting up points with companies to discuss SureTrack and our full range of offerings. If you are an attending seed company and interested in scheduling time to speak, please click here: I would welcome the opportunity to meet you.