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IntelliFarms Releases New Edition in SureTrack PRO™

18 Feb 2019
by IntelliFarms Team

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IntelliFarms Releases New Edition in SureTrack PRO™

SureTrack PRO Seed Edition | IntelliFarms

The SureTrack PRO - Seed Edition offers complete operations management tailored to the seed industry.

Archie, MO

In August 2018, IntelliFarms announced the launch of their SureTrack PRO online platform. They have now expanded the capabilities of the platform and customized functionality to include tools and resources specifically for the seed industry with the SureTrack PRO - Seed Edition.

“We noticed right away the need to tailor SureTrack PRO resources to help the seed industry accomplish their goals. It’s important that we address the needs of all of our customers.” said Todd Sears, CEO and President of IntelliFarms.

SureTrack PRO - Seed Edition provides tools and resources to manage on-site and off-site inventory, build and manage grower programs and manage delivery schedules. It also provides an easy way to upload seed catalogs and trial data directly into the IntelliFarms’ unbiased seed database, YieldFax.

One of the most beneficial features of SureTrack PRO - Seed Edition is the ability to manage grower programs within the system. The Seed Edition allows companies to connect with their grower bases for an in-depth look into their contracted seed storage. Growers provide view-only access allowing the seed company to see field, storage and inventory details.

One of the most important features for consumers and grain buyers alike is the ability to track and trace the entire life cycle of seed and grain. The SureTrack FARM system begins with seed selection, monitors field and weather conditions (above and below ground), tracks all field event activities, records and monitors critical data while being stored on-farm, and provides data all the way through on-site delivery. Once on site, SureTrack PRO - Seed Edition then begins to monitor and report the grain and seed status providing a complete life cycle picture.

SureTrack PRO works in conjunction with SureTrack FARM™, the online solution for farmers and growers to select the best seed, maximize growing potential, effectively store and manage grain, and market to the best opportunities. These two systems work together to make important connections between processors, merchandisers, seed companies and grain buyers and the farmers and growers, creating opportunities for success on both sides. Check out the Seed Edition of SureTrack PRO.


About IntelliFarms IntelliFarms is an agricultural technology company based out of Archie, MO. For more than 18 years, IntelliFarms has been working to bring increased value and profits back to the farms. SureTrack FARM™ is connecting farmers with processors and merchandisers who are looking to buy grain directly from the farms. SureTrack PRO™ is locating growers, creating transparency in supply chains and improving overall quality for processors, merchandisers and end users. Visit www.intellifarms.com for more information.