28 Apr 2016
by Todd Sears

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Over the past few weeks, we have been sharing information with you about the effects of  biologicals and their yield-enhancing and soil health potential. For an ag technology company, it may seem odd that we're involved in this area of ag. But as we learned more and more about the science and technology behind biologicals, we felt that it aligned with our core mission here at IntelliFarms to bring profit and value back to the farm. We and everyone know realize that there is no one single solution to get miracle yields, yet results can be found in incremental steps that produce favorable results and lead to long term success. Biologicals truly do have that long-term positive effect as well as short-term potential.

Even bigger than that mission, we feel that we're part of a larger and incredibly important movement in ag - to discover and adopt alternative approaches and technologies that help farms today be more efficient, productive and even better stewards of the land than they already are. I often share this video with people to illustrate the challenge farms today face to produce so much more with such limited resources. It drives home how important farms are to our world.

According to worldpopulationbalance.org, we are adding over 200,000 people to the earth every day. That’s an increase of around 140 people every single minute. Technology has helped the average American farmer to feed 155 people, but the amount of farmers has remained relatively stagnant as worldwide population continues to increase. Some legislation is at work on directives to make start-up farms more financially attainable, but there are still many challenges that face this new age of farmers as they look for ways to make their operations thrive. Even if the number of farmers increase, the land available to grow food on is not getting any bigger. 1/32nd of the earth’s surface is used for farming with the rest covered in water, concrete, swamps, ice or deserts.

Farmers have the most important job - to feed the world. I believe that it is through innovative technologies based on sound science that we can achieve the goal of producing the protein-per-acre our world requires.

Biologicals are a part of the solution. Rethinking how we treat the soil we grow is going to be a key part in making it more productive - it brings new meaning to the phrase “starting from the ground up.” When we talk about biologicals, we've used the phrase, "Big, Better, Best." We believe that with the product comes big yields, better soil health and land and ultimately, the best feeling - you know that as a result of your decision, you've taken a step in helping to improve the land and meet our world's food challenges.

If you are interested in discussing what biologicals can do for your yields and land, contact IntelliFarms at any time. We look forward to delivering the best in service as well.

More case studies and ROI figures are available upon request. IntelliFarms offers biologicals solutions and consultation for a variety of crops, including corn, soy, wheat, sorghum, canola, peanuts, cotton and many more. Biologicals have a positive effect on plant health in general, not limited to specific row crops.

We also recommend that you work to understand your current soil microbe needs by testing your field's organic matter. IntelliFarms can provide assistance with this and work to develop a prescriptive process best suited to your field.