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Benefits of working with IntelliFarms at Harvest

11 Aug 2017
by Addison Boatwright

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Benefits of working with IntelliFarms at Harvest

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 Harvest is typically an enjoyable time for farmers, but also one of the busiest. We understand preparation is key to making sure things run smoothly once combines hit the fields. IntelliFarms' customer service team helps customers prepare their farms for success in many valuable ways.

Prepping the Bin - A large part of preparation for our customers is making sure each bin is ready to be filled and maintained. It's important to get all devices turned on for diagnostics as soon as possible to confirm everything is running properly. Our customer service representatives can view their customers' equipment with them online to validate everything is working as it should.

EMC Testing - Determining a grain variety's unique EMC curve is a critical component in managing grain successfully in the bin and preserving its quality characteristics. Harvest is the most convenient time for our customers to provide a sample bucket of their grain to us so we can upload the variety-specific EMC curve to their bin(s). Our customer service team makes sure customers are aware of this important step and provides the needed supplies. 

IntelliFarms is committed to industry-leading customer service. We want each of our customers to feel that they have an open line of communication with a professional representative who can answer any questions and address any possible issues. We expect all of our systems to be running smoothly going into harvest, but we'd still like to hear from you. If you're thinking about putting in a new system, want to know more about the SureTrack platform or have any questions or feedback, please reach out to your customer service representative. If you are not currently a customer, please contact our main office. We'd love to help you grow for quality, profit and purpose!

 Customers can easily retrieve their customer service representative's contact information on their SureTrack platform by clicking on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner of the home page. The menu will include their name, contact information and a help button ticket that you can be used to directly message them.