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FieldDataManager is Setting the Curve… the Energy Curve!

26 Nov 2018
by IntelliFarms Team

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FieldDataManager is Setting the Curve… the Energy Curve!

FieldDataManager is Setting the Curve… the Energy Curve! | IntelliFarms

FieldDataManager from IntelliFarms now comes with agronomy best practices and energy curve data to get the most out of your soils.

We are excited to announce our latest enhancement to the FieldDataManager within SureTrack FARM™. This release builds on the field and weather monitoring capabilities and incorporates agronomy best practices and energy curve analysis helping you get the most from your land.

The FieldDataManager now allows you to not only map and monitor what’s happening in the fields, but also capture crucial data and information from the soil that will help guide future field activities. FieldDataManager also includes agronomy best practices for specific crops. It is a step-by-step guide directing you to the best time to plant, apply nutrients, harvest and much more.

The system comes complete with alerts set to notify you when soils need moisture, winds are too fast to spray, a device has stopped communicating, along with other critical notifications. FieldDataManager is now a fully integrated system helping you be more efficient with resources and activities.

This latest release also allows you to report all field events for a specific product on a specific field that you can later decide to share with potential grain buyers in order to capture premiums. This creates a transparent supply chain, which consumers are now demanding, pushing many processors, merchandisers and grain buyers to offer top dollar for details and information on farming practices.

The online interface of FieldDataManager has been redesigned to improve usability and offers high-level and drill-down capabilities. You can now follow the growing cycles of crops and based on data, take necessary action designed to maximize energy and resources available.

All features and functionality are within the SureTrack FARM system, no new FieldDataManager hardware is needed. All current SureTrack FARM customers and FieldDataManager users have access to this latest release and can begin utilizing tools and resources.