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Dig a Little Deeper: Ag tech insights at IntelliFarms Tech Summit

14 Dec 2016
by Todd Sears

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Dig a Little Deeper: Ag tech insights at IntelliFarms Tech Summit

Earlier in 2016, I challenged the team at IntelliFarms to organize our biggest educational event ever. The result was our first ever Tech Summit last March, which we themed “Tech for Independence.”

As we look ahead to 2017, I’d encourage you to visit IntelliFarmsTechSummit.com and learn about our second annual summit, "Future at Your Fingertips" which is going to be on Wednesday, February 8 in Kansas City.
2016's event was all about education. This coming year, we’re going to build on education -- a core philosophy of IntelliFarms' -- by focusing on opportunity. In particular, IntelliFarms is welcoming speakers and exhibitors who share our belief that the current agriculture market offers real money-making potential and the opportunity for long-term stability.

All you have to do is dig a little deeper.

Now, don’t get me wrong -- I’m not suggesting digging deeper into the dirt! When I say dig a little deeper, I mean taking a closer look at every aspect of the farm, from seed through harvest and all the way to the final sale. See what's delivering ROI, see what could be improved. Think about what could be tweaked or explored more.

On the list the panelists and speakers we’ve added so far (more to come!) you’ll find academics, producers, and other experts from the industry. We’ve invited a variety of voices to talk about the entire operation.

What makes the IntelliFarms' Tech Summit different? Our speakers and panels aren’t going to dwell on the current “conventional wisdom” about ag markets and conditions. We’re going to show you how to rise above that gloom and doom and find real opportunities for growth.

The choice is yours

As always, I’m not going to pretend there’s a single solution that works for all. I want our Tech Summit to offer a variety of solutions so you can pick and choose which changes you want to make in their operation. Let’s get past surface-level conversations and really talk about a sustainable way to farm.

That’s our vision for the future of agriculture -- returning the power to those who own the dirt. I hope to see you at our 2017 Tech Summit on Wednesday, February 8 in Kansas City.