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CashBidManager: Easily Ensure You Maximize Your Profit

06 Mar 2019
by IntelliFarms Team

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CashBidManager: Easily Ensure You Maximize Your Profit

CashBidManager | IntelliFarms

As you get ready to plant, or maybe you’re already planted for the season, are you looking to sell some of last year’s harvest to get some cash flow now? If so, make sure you’re using CashBidManager to ensure you’re making the most profit with each load.

CashBidManager delivers real-time cash bids for all elevators around your location so you can follow trends, compare prices and seize opportunities. Sometimes, just driving an extra 20 miles can bring real, extra profit. CashBidManager highlights the highest price, closest price and best price (calculating transportation costs) making it easy for you to determine the best opportunity to maximum your profit. You can even set the system to alert you when your favorite places post a certain price, that way you never miss out on a great opportunity to sell.

You can use CashBidManager from your phone, tablet or computer, giving you unlimited access to the data you need to make quick decisions. When you're ready to take your crop to market, CashBidManager empowers you with the information you need to maximize your return on investment.

Why CashBidManager?

  • Cash Prices
    View the highest price, closest price and the best overall price when transportation costs are figured in.
  • Estimated Profits
    Quickly compare estimated profit totals based on transportation costs to determine which price is best for you.
  • Trip Costs
    Take delivery costs into consideration when making selling decisions, trip costs can quickly cut into profitability if you aren’t careful.
  • Contact Information
    Easily contact grain buyers using the provided phone number and driving directions right in CashBidManager.
  • System Alerts
    Set the system to alert you any time a certain price point is reached so you never miss out on an opportunity to sell your grain.

CashBidManager is part of the complete SureTrack FARM™ online solution that gives you the ability to increase value and profit at each stage of the farming cycle, from seed selection to improved crop growth to grain storage management to new market opportunities. SureTrack FARM is helping farmers find new opportunities and bring increased value and profits back to the farms. Interested in learning more about CashBidManager or SureTrack FARM? Find your IntelliFarms’ District Sales Manager today, click here.