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Building the Farm of the Future with agriculture technology

21 Nov 2016
by Todd Sears

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Building the Farm of the Future with agriculture technology


arvest is almost over, the holidays are coming, and for farmers, it’s the time of year when thoughts turn to the future. The current climate in the agriculture business means this time - when we have the opportunity to evaluate options and approaches for next year - may be the most important time of year (I'd argue even more so than planting or harvesting).

When IntelliFarms expanded our reach this summer into Marshalltown, Iowa and Columbus, Neb., the late fall/winter months was my immediate focus - I wanted our offices to be up and running and established by then. Our priorities are bringing value and profit to the independent farmer through effective products and education, and being more easily accessible to our many customers in Iowa and Nebraska increases our ability to meet those goals.

I was so pleased with the strong turnout at our two Farm of the Future events in Marshalltown and Columbus these past few weeks. The folks who joined us may or may not be IntelliFarms customers, but they all share a desire to look to the future of independent farming.

Work with the experts

We have a simple theme for our presentations -- Farm of the Future. We open the conversation with the question, "Is your farm going to be around in the future?" It's a pretty direct question, but it quickly gets to the point - we want you to be, but farms are going to have to embrace new capabilities and practices in order to survive in the coming ag age.

And we have a simple format -- connecting local farmers with experts who are committed to self-sustaining, independent agriculture. We want to connect with people who understand that “Big Ag” isn’t suffering at the same level the individual farmer is, and who is truly motivated to empower and help the farmer . In Marshalltown, we heard from Kelvin Leibold of Iowa State who shared marketing strategies that can dramatically increase the value of grain. In Columbus, Andrew Hoelscher with Farm Strategy Consultants (and a farmer himself) noted that the best grain is the grain in the hands of the farmer.

The message from these industry experts aligns with one of IntelliFarms' core philosophies, “They who own the dirt, own the power.”

Power to the farmers

Connecting farmers directly with experts like Kelvin and Andrew is important not from a sales perspective, but because it is the right thing to do for the future of agriculture.

Our company’s evaluation of the agriculture market will always put customers first, even if it comes at the expense of our bottom line in the short term. That’s why our grain bin management technology, BinManager is adaptable to whichever storage is being used. That’s why our newest cable technology, 3G Plus, is available to our current customers at an affordabl price. And that’s why all of our technology comes with a comprehensive 2-year parts and labor warranty and, beyond that, guaranteed support from real people who work right here with me in Archie, MO.

I would love to hear from more customers or partners interested in having a Farm of the Future presentation in their community. Working together, we can turn the tide and bring profit and value back to the farm.