24 Aug 2016
by Todd Sears

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remember two years ago when we got word for the first time that IntelliFarms would be part of the 2014 Inc. 5000, a list of America’s fastest growing companies.

Immediately I thought about our community of Archie, MO and the support we received when we decided to headquarter our company here. What an amazing achievement for a company in small town Missouri!

Then I thought of all our hard-working employees who share the passion to make technology that’s easy to use and truly brings profit back to the farm. I am so lucky to have the team we have.

And of course, I thought about our customers. Above all else, they have helped spread the word about our company, often by just talking to neighbors. They are our top salespeople, and we are honored that so many of them consider us partners and friends.

I just found out we were named to the Inc. 5000 list for the third consecutive year. It’s a pretty big achievement, and one not a lot of companies get to experience. But when I talk about our company, “fastest growing” isn’t what I lead with or like to brag about. Because growth means nothing if you’re not serving your customers.

Happily, I can say that customer relationships are strong and growing. And I’m just as excited today as I was two years ago, and it’s because an independent company like IntelliFarms can’t grow – especially this quickly -- without amazing employees, partners and customers.

Growing hand-in-hand with farmers

What strikes me as I look through lists of fastest growing companies is how similar in many ways IntelliFarms is to other thriving businesses. We’re technology-driven, we’re focused on innovation, we’re independently owned. But there’s also a big difference: Agriculture. There are so few agricultural firms on these lists, and no one doing quite what we do.

We wake up and come to work every day with the goal of delivering products that will return value and profit to the independent farmer. Not to Wall Street, but to the “little guys” on Main Street. In order to do that, every interaction we have with farmers is personal and customized. If you’re really bringing value back to the farm, you’ll quickly learn that a cookie cutter approach just isn’t going to cut it. To us, growth starts with a foundation of mutual learning and understanding.

We’ve been thrilled to see how from there, our products and consultation have helped our farm customers build bigger bottom lines. We love hearing about their growth and expansion. When they succeed, we succeed. When we grow, it’s because they are growing. We never forget that, and do everything we can to help them achieve that.

Our customers are at the center of how we channel our business growth. This summer we expanded our company by opening new offices in Nebraska and Iowa to better serve customers in those areas. Being local and attuned to the area’s needs helps us better do that. We look forward to growing into more places across the nation this coming year.

The Inc. 5000 award doesn’t mean that we’re “the cool company” or that we’re the best thing since sliced bread. So I never brag on it in that way. However, I’ll never take the honor for granted. It is a testament to our customers and their success as well.