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2017 Tech Summit: What opportunities are right in front of you?

02 Nov 2016
by Samantha Scantlebury

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2017 Tech Summit: What opportunities are right in front of you?

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couple months ago, the Tech Summit planning team at IntelliFarms gathered to discuss the state of agriculture and what we hoped to accomplish with the second annual Summit on February 8, 2017. We spread out trade publications in front of us, pulled up videos on YouTube and looked at what other conferences in the industry are focusing on. Over and over, we kept encountering  a "gloom and doom" tone. And we get it - times right now are much harder than they were just a few short years ago. Consequently, there's a lot of information out there about what you can do to ensure your farm's survival in the tight times.

But why stop the conversation with just surviving? Why not shoot for thriving?

You could call us naive or those silly 'glass-half-full' people. We like to think of ourselves as futurists. As long as IntelliFarms has been around, we look at the future with an abundance mentality. Even right now, we see an abundance to be had for growers, both today and especially tomorrow. We believe that if you filter through all the rhetoric about low prices and tight margins, you'll start to find hidden opportunities for real money-making potential and long-term stability. 

But these opportunities aren't just sitting on the surface, easy to grab. They're at your fingertips, but you have to dig them out of where they're hiding. You may have to change practices that have been on your farm for generations, or even experiment with other row crops you've never grown before.  You may have to embrace technologies that make you uncomfortable at first, and start to own the power of data, not let it own you. 

Our mission with the second annual Tech Summit is to help you identify new opportunities for your farm and start to see and shape the future at your fingertips. We're bringing in guest speakers on a variety of thought-provoking topics, including marketing strategies for the modern age, opportunities within the global economy, alternative crops and cover crops, and tech and techniques for water conservation and quality management (to name a few). And a featured panel of growers and ag business owners from across the nation will discuss the paths and strategies they took to build operations that thrive in any market economy.

Visit IntelliFarmsTechSummit.com to learn more and register. We'll continue to update the site regularly with speaker and exhibitor information as the date gets closer. We hope you'll consider joining us on February 8 in Kansas City for this exciting event, and we welcome back those who attended last year and plan to join us again. In fact, I'd encourage you to hear what a few of those attendees had to say about their experience: